April Jones Body Found: Murderer Mark Bridger Arrested Killing 5 Years Old Kid

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April Jones Body Found instantly became one of the hot topics in the world of crime. As there had been a long time before her body was finally discovered, people are keen to learn more about the case.

After a portal wrote an article headlined “April Jones Body Found,” people’s curiosity shot to an all-time high as they wished to find out more about the details of the case.

Ten years have passed since the kidnapping and death of April Jones; tonight, a three-part Channel 4 documentary series on the case will reveal what her mother believes happened to her.

On Monday, December 12, a three-part documentary series from Channel 4 that examines the kidnapping and tragic disappearance of the five-year-old who vanished from her home in Wales went on television.

She hasn’t been found yet, despite the tragedy rocking the country and making national news during the search for her body. On October 1, 2012, April vanished after being observed getting into a car near her Machynlleth House.

The discovery of April Jones’ body quickly rose to the top of the list of crime news stories. People are eager to learn more about the case because it took a while before her body was finally found.

April Jones Body Found

People’s interest in the case peaked after a portal published a story with the headline “April Jones Body Found,” making them want to learn more.

While her parents attended a parents’ evening at her school, April took swimming lessons at a nearby recreation center. After asking her parents to allow them to play outside at night, April invited a friend from school to her home to watch a movie. She was last seen riding a pink bicycle at 7 o’clock.

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Mark Bridger, 46, was detained the day after April vanished because he matched the description of the man who, according to witnesses, spoke to April and picked her up in his car.

Officers could not find her body; thus, on March 27, 2013, the months-long search was called off. The scale of the investigation was unprecedented in UK history.

April Jones Murderer Mark Bridger Arrested

The second installment of the new documentary about the killing of 5-year-old April Jones has made public what the murderer, Mark Bridger, stated to Police.

The search for April, unfortunately, turned into a murder investigation in the second episode of Channel 4’s The Disappearance of April Jones. Less than a day after April vanished, Bridger was taken into custody on October 2, 2012.

April Jones Murderer Mark Bridger Arrested.(Source: BBC)

Detectives from the Police who were working on the case at the time have reported talking to Bridger after his arrest. Detectives described how he repeatedly told the Police lies about his family, his past, and April when they spoke with him.

Bridger, who is from Surrey, claimed to have a policeman for a Father and a seamstress for a mother. Bridger was recorded saying, “My Father and I often didn’t see eye to eye – he was severe,” during his initial Police interview in 2012.

Because I am the son of a Police officer, I will always misbehave.

According to the recordings, he even lied to Police about his family when speaking with them. As he detailed how Bridger had informed them his mother had committed suicide and his Father had died of a heart attack, one Police investigator who appeared in the video referred to Bridger as “cunning.”

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