Angel Garcia Missing Update 2023: Meet His Mother Laura Suazo And Father

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People want to know about Angel Garcia missing update in 2023. Teenager Angel Garcia went missing in Hartford, Connecticut, in October 2011 while out with friends.

The authorities searched everywhere for him, but they needed more information and the absence of any eyewitnesses.

‘Disappeared: Lost Angel’ on Investigation Discovery focuses on the events before Angel vanished and how the family and the police have been attempting to bring him back home safely.

Angel’s disappearance is mainly thought to be the consequence of an unintentional drowning, according to investigators.

They believe he probably fell into the Connecticut River while crossing the train trestle, which would account for the absence of evidence and the disappearance of his dirt bike.

A thorough search has never been possible because the river is too deep and obscured to be examined by divers or sonar.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, here is what we do know about Angel Garcia missing case.

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Angel Garcia Missing Update 2023

Angel Garcia missing case has been a topic of interest for people. In 2011, when Laura was getting ready for bed at 9:30 pm, she realized Angel wasn’t there.

She went to bed, nevertheless, believing he would return at some point throughout the night because she had to work in the morning.

In the middle of the night, Laura was awakened by yelling from the street below her bedroom. Angel-like voice had commanded, “Go ahead, break it.”

The screaming had also awakened Omayra, who she ran into in the corridor as she fled her room in a panic. The street was deserted when the two ran out to the porch.

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People want to know about Angel Garcia missing update 2023. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

When they got back inside, Laura asked Omayra where Angel was, but she didn’t know because he hadn’t been answering or returning her calls, so she didn’t know.

She claimed she had last spoken to him the day before, around 11:00, while he had been out with Joel.

Omayra had assumed he had lost service or that his phone had died after he promised to call her back later in the day but never did.

Laura ended up staying up until six that day, making calls to everybody she believed might know where Angel was.

He always answered his phone and kept in touch, so she was worried. At 6:00 pm, 12 hours later, she reported her kid missing.

Meet His Mother Laura Suazo, And Father

On March 5, 1992, Angel Garcia was born. When Laura Suazo and Ralph Garcia, his parents, divorced when he was ten years old, Angel and his mother became very close.

The children were raised in Hartford, Connecticut, where the family was taught to be the most important thing, together with his sister, Rose Jimenez.

In 2011, Angel shared a home with his mother and Omayra Serrano, his girlfriend of 14 months. They had connected on Facebook, and their connection immediately became severe.

Angel Garcia Missing UpdateAngel is still not found after so many years of disappreance. (Source: NBC CT)

Soon after, Omayra and her two-year-old son, who got along well with Angel, moved into the family’s house.

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Angel started cooking more due to the living circumstances and frequently prepared dinner for the entire family each night.

A red Honda dirt bike that Angel purchased in September 2011 is said to have been his pride and joy.

He claimed to Laura that his father had given him the funds to buy it, and that he spent practically every day with it, washing it and using it to navigate Hartford’s roads and trails.

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