Ali Spice And Devin Perkins Car Crash: Boyfriend Is In Critical Condition, Accident Update

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After the news about Ali Spice and Devin Perkins’s car crash came out in public, people naturally wanted to learn more about what happened to them.

Ali Spice and Devin Perkins have been dating each other for a long time, and they often used to be together. 

Spice was a TikTok star, and she also worked in a restaurant. Many people know her from her TikTok and Youtube channels. She has 2.5K subscribers on her YouTube account @Spice. 

People loved her fun personality, and the public has always loved her as a TikTok star. Along with Spice, people know her boyfriend, as she often mentions him in her TikTok and Youtube videos. 

After the news about their accident, people have been more curious to know about her and her boyfriend. 

Ali Spice And Devin Perkins Car Crash

The news about Spice and Perkins’s car crash was released on December 12, 2022. But they suffered it a day before, on December 11.

Spice was dead, and her boyfriend was found suffering to survive when the accident happened. 

21-Year-Old TikTok Influencer Ali Spice Has Died Following a Car Accident. (Image Source: Distractify)

Yes, the TikTok star is no more with us, she was sent to a local hospital, but she couldn’t make it.

The news about her death was confirmed by one of her friends via Instagram; after the information was verified, many sources started posting condolence to her family online.

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Boyfriend Is In Critical Condition, Accident Update

After Spice and her boyfriend, Perkins was sent to the hospital, her boyfriend was in very critical condition, and she couldn’t make it.

He is still in the hospital, unconscious, and has not shared any information about the accident because of his condition.

Boyfriend of Ali Spice still in critical condition after car crash.The boyfriend of Ali Spice is still in critical condition after a car crash. (Image Source: We Publish News)

Perkins’s face has been destroyed, and he can’t get up and walk because of the accident on December 11.

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As per the sources, the couple wasn’t alone in the accident; their two friends were there with them, who also died during the accident.

Kyle Moser, who was 25, from Daytona Beach, was with them; his sister Angela Gillis confirmed that news after spoking to the News-Journal.

Along with Kyle Moser, Ava Fellerman was there another friend who was killed on the spot during the car crash.

The driver, Devin Perkins, is still in the hospital and fighting for his life. His friends have been there for his support. 

His friends said that He was a hard worker and worked for the things he had, and the couple used to share a great relationship. They were often together and were very supportive of each other.

Hopefully, Spice’s boyfriend will recover and live his life, but there will always be a guilt of not being able to save his friends.

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