Abby Choi Autopsy Report: Head Found On Soup Pot And Legs In Fridge

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Abby Choi autopsy report has been out, and people are curious about the case. Four people have been charged with Choi’s murder. 

Abby Choi, a model, was reported missing on Tuesday, and it has been reported that the Hong Kong Police have charged four individuals for her brutal murder.

Her ex-husband, his parents, and his brother were arrested for the murder. Police believe it was a planned murder. 

The model had recently appeared on the digital cover of L’Officiel Monaco fashion magazine just three days before she went missing.

Read further to learn recent updates about the murder case of the model, Abby. 

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Abby Choi Autopsy Report

Based on the autopsy report, NY Post has reported that Choi had a significant injury to her skull behind her right ear, possibly caused by a hard object.

The Police department shared that when they arrived at the scene, they found two pots of soup, one filled with a mixture of human flesh, green radishes, and carrots and covered in thick fat.

To avoid getting caught, the suspects covered the apartment walls with a sail and wore face shields and raincoats while dismembering the body, as per Chung’s statement to NY Post.

Police seal off the House where 28-year-old model Abby Choi was suspected of being butchered. (Image Source: NY Post)

It was a planned murder, as per how Police described the scene where they found some body parts of the victim. 

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Still, the investigation is ongoing; Police were working to find clear information about the case and the suspect.

Hopefully, more information regarding the case will get updated, and the murderer will be punished. 

Abby Choi’s Head Found On Soup Pot And Legs In Fridge

As the Times of London reported, Choi’s head was found in a soup pot. After some investigation, it was clear the murderer had boiled her head until it turned into a skull. 

Before discovering the model’s skull, Police department mentioned that three days after the missing reports, they found two female legs in a refrigerator and two cooking pots containing human tissue.

Also, they reported finding a meat slicer and an electric saw near the scene. Still, the remaining part of the body has not been discovered. 

The Police department has been working to find more evidence as possible and working in North East New Territories Landfill in Ta Kwu Ling, Hong Kong.

Superintendent Alan Chung, who has been working on the murder case of the model, informed the press that on February 22, the suspects discarded multiple bags that contained crucial evidence.

Police officers escort a 47-year-old suspect in connection with the killing of 28-year-old model Abby Choi in Hong Kong.Police officers escort a 47-year-old suspect in connection with the killing of 28-year-old model Abby Choi in Hong Kong. (Image Source: NY Post)

They believe the bags may contain human body parts, the victim’s clothes, phone, or weapons used in the crime.

The four family members charged will return for their next hearing on May 8. The member’s bail was declined, as they are believed to have planned murder. 

Police believe that the accused man committed the crime because the victim, Choi, was planning to sell a high-end property in the Kadoorie Hill neighborhood in Ho Man Tin.

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Choi had purchased the property but registered it in her former father-in-law’s name a week before her murder. 

Financial issues played a role in separating the model and her ex-husband. 

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