Aaron Carotta Missing Update: Is He Found Yet?

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People want to know about Aaron Carotta missing update. Aaron was stuck in the Pacific Ocean for over a month when the batteries in his rowboat ran out, leaving him at the mercy of ocean currents.

When his yacht, Smiles, was forced off course by high winds and waves, Aaron Carotta worried it might finally capsize.

Aaron Carotta spent more than a month at the mercy of ocean currents that pushed him across the Pacific when his 23-foot rowboat’s battery power failed in the middle of May as he attempted to circle the world.

He then inflated a leaky life raft and instantly turned on an emergency satellite beacon after a large wave turned his boat upside down.

He didn’t have much time to wait for assistance because a shark was circling nearby, water was collecting around his ankles, and he was shaking from the cold.

Read on till the end to know more about Aaron Carotta missing update.

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Aaron Carotta Missing Update

People want to know about Aaron Carotta missing update. A world-traveling explorer named Aaron Carotta, 45 was left stranded for more than a month at the whim of the ocean currents after his rowboat’s battery died in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Carotta, also known as Adventure Aaron, started from Panama on a mission to row a 23-foot boat worldwide in February. However, in the middle of May, his solar panels failed, and he was left without power.

He was left in a leaky life raft with oncoming hypothermia in shark-infested waters with only a 13 percent phone charge when a huge wave overturned his boat and worsened matters.

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Aaron Carotta missing update is that he is found. (Source: Mexico News Daily)

But Carotta finally spotted a US Coast Guard plane for the first time in more than 80 days, giving him reason for optimism. Fortunately, he could turn on a satellite beacon that would guide rescuers to him.

Tuesday, one day after being delivered to Hawaii by a merchant ship that had scooped him out of the water, Mr. Carotta remarked, “It was a sight for sore eyes.”

In February, he left Panama to travel around the world.

The likelihood that someone lost at sea will be located has significantly increased with the development of new satellite technologies, particularly the Starlink internet networks run by the rocket company SpaceX.

For instance, in March, a Starlink connection assisted rescuers in locating the crew of a sailboat that capsized in the Pacific after colliding with a whale.

Is Aaron Carotta Found Yet?

After a harrowing rescue and a night of bitter cold and hypothermia, he was eventually salvaged by a merchant ship.

A boat from the Coast Guard, which had been in the vicinity on another rescue attempt, flew four hours to reach Carotta’s location and dropped off survival gear for him.

Still, it had to depart before performing a formal rescue because it needed to refuel. Upon returning to land, Carotta wrote a lengthy thank-you post on his Facebook page.

Thank you, he added, “to the USCG, Tahiti Maritime team, and the 21 crew members aboard The Baker Spirit I have gotten to know.”

Aaron Carotta Missing updateAaron Carotta has been found by a merchant ship. (Source: Facebook)

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Carotta claimed that he could only blame himself when considering what went wrong. Nobody else is to blame because I rode the wrong wave sideways, and I’m sure I won’t do it again.

Seattle-based rescue technology worked wonders for Carotta. Almost 2,500 persons were saved in 2021 alone due to maritime alerts sent out by the Cospas-Sarsat global satellite network.

Carotta never lost hope and enjoyed the time they spent trapped at sea. He could be seen grinning as he went off his rescue ship.

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